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Invited Speakers

  • Johanna Seibt (University of Aarhus, Denmark) - Non-Transitive Mereology on Processes: Applying GTP (General Process Theory) in the Theory of Interactions
  • Mike Uschold (Reinvent Technology, Vancouver, B.C., previously Boeing Corporation, USA) - Ontology-Driven Information Systems: Past, Present and Future
  • Stefano Bertolo (European Commission DG INFSO/E2, Luxembourg) - Intelligent Information Management in FP7 2009-2010


Panel: 'How do we measure progress in formal ontology research?'

Chair: Chris Welty (IBM, USA)

How do we measure progress in formal ontology research? Mathematicans and logicians solve open problems; physicists propose and test new theories, or discover new phenomena; engineers design and build new materials and devices. What do we, as the FOIS community, do? Have we made progress in the past ten years?