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The poster proceedings are available here (PDF).

  • Leslie Barrett: Building a Database of Risk-Relevant Event Types
  • Cristina de Ambrosi, Cristiano Ghersi, Armando Tacchella: Ontology-based diagnosis of railway rolling stock
  • Julia Dmitrieva, Fons J. Verbeek: Information Visualization from Ontology
  • Sabine Janzen, Wolfgang Maass: Smart Product Description Object (SPDO)
  • Brigitte Joerg: Towards the Nature of Citations
  • Patrick Maué: Impact of User Feedback on Domain Knowledge
  • Holger Neuhaus: Relating Sensor Observations to the Real World
  • Sven Schade: Towards Sematntic Datums for Geospatial Information
  • Daniel Sonntag: Embedded Benchmarking and Expert Authoring for Ontology Mapping and Alignment Generation
  • Holger Stenzhorn, Martin Boeker, Stefan Schulz, Susanne Hanser: Developing an Ontology for Research and Care of Intracranial Aneurysms
  • Miroslav Vacura and Raphaël Troncy: Towards a simplification of COMM-based multimedia annotations


  • Michel Vanden Bossche: Ontology-Driven Software Development for Real-Life Enterprise Applications